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Menera Kitchen.

Menera is a system from M Kitchens for those who love nature and its tranquility. The source of inspiration for this style is natural marble with its rich veins and antique effect, where the rough texture gives the feeling of nature, mixed with the mint green color inspired by a flower. The kitchen marble comes in black to add calm to the kitchen.
Menera is a modern-style kitchen where simple lines blend harmoniously and calmly to give a distinctive character to the kitchen space.


Avenda Kitchen.

Avenda is a mixture of the fragrance of the past and the authenticity of the present. The kitchen stones are clear, mimicking the architectural style of the villa, with distinctive domes inspired by the work of architect Hassan Fathi.

The clear fruit of the wood, painted white, mixed with black, adds elegance to the kitchen and makes it between the present and the past.

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